A Few Words

My friend Bobby and I decided to open up our own restaurant company while we were still in college. Things seemed easier back then – with the wind beating down on your balcony, a drink or two in the hand and of course the attitude.

 We aspired to have a world renowned restaurant opened with us even though it is not so easy or simple as you may think. We started everything we knew from scratch. We worked in the kitchens, served tables, checked the accounts and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

But we didn’t have a restaurant website. All our competitors slowly started gaining on us in terms of sales and that’s when we decided to go all in and give lady luck a try. We didn’t know anyone in the design field but it was great that we stumbled upon some great ideas given by some great relatives. We consulted some design firms and we did get a few shocks at the rates they quoted at us. Bobby’s sister’s best friend was a graphic and website designer and she helped put our restaurant on the online world roadmap.

menu-245770_1920We noticed that the amount of visitors went up by a huge amount after the site went live. It’s like a switch came on somewhere which unleashed a torrential downpour of customers. I firmly believe that the best way of learning is to do things yourself and to learn from your mistakes. We first put all the information on the main homepage and that became too confusing, then we thought to change the background texture, then we changed the font and font size but it was all shaping up very well.

The best thing is, the website was created as a favor for us but I’m sure this has benefited her somehow. We had people write to us or even come up to us at the restaurant around the corner and tell us that they found us through their website. It also feels good when people recognize and appreciate your hard work.

This first restaurant move was the first one I had ever made and it made me feel so proud. In the initial design stages, we were making changes constantly until we were politely but firmly told to stay out the way and to trust the designer’s instincts and talent. But she delivered and how! We saw a whole bunch of shares on social media and this gave us a lot of publicity for the restaurant.

People may try to fool you saying that you should do this or do that when it comes to handling your restaurant’s work. But you do know best and it good to trust your instincts. What is visually appealing to you could be on the same wave pattern as the others. Since she created our website, she’s also had more job offers than she can count. Out interactive site is also linked to various social networking sites. This idea was one of the best we’ve ever had.