Tips Into Creating A Beautiful Restaurant Website

If you have your own restaurant, it is essential for your business to have an online presence and this means that you have to create a beautiful restaurant website. There’s a lot that goes into the designing of a website and there are many factors that should be considered when you think of creating one. Think about the reason why people go to restaurants? Think about the cuisine, the ambience and the relaxing quotient.

Remember, restaurant websites are vital for the dining business. A restaurant website gives the visitor the opportunity to get acquainted with your restaurant before they even visit – from the décor, the menu, services and more. Your website also gives the opportunity for potential patrons to make advance bookings, orders as well as super-foods-400x400reservations. Follow these tips to create a great restaurant website.

  • Keep your target market in mind

Think about what type of a crowd your restaurant attracts. Look at the area and locality your restaurant is located in and you’ll get to know your target audience. Also pay attention to the age group of your customers and their preferences so you can keep that in mind while designing your website. Is your restaurant located near a college? This means that more young students will be your customers.

Are you located in a business area or where corporate companies are located? This means that your restaurant will most likely attract a business clientele. This information will help you in deciding what type of design to go for – if you are aiming at a young target audience, you can use a fun layout with bright colors and if your target audience is business people, you’ll have a more elegant design which looks professional.

  • Simplicity is the key

Every website should have a few basics which must be included. This means that your restaurant website should have a home page, a menu, an ‘About Us’ section and a ‘Contact Us’ section. Even though you may add other things to your website, it is absolutely essential that you have these features for your website to truly work. If you feel confident about your restaurant, you can add a ‘Review’ section where customers can leave reviews as well as read others’ reviews on your restaurant. You should ensure that whilst adding these points, you should keep your website simple. If it is too complicated for your visitor to navigate you may lose a potential customer. It’s a 3 click rule.

  • Your color palette matters

color-palette-blogHave you ever noticed that most restaurant websites have very similar color palettes and that red, brown, white and black seem to be the hot favorites? It’s obviously not because nobody likes color but a certain amount of research has gone into studying what colors appeal to people in terms of food. Brown symbolizes stability and a stickler for tradition, white shows freshness and a certain element of purity, the color black in a background makes everything look fantastic and the color red is a huge favorite with fast food restaurants like KFC, Mc.D’s and more. Use the information about color to your advantage as a certain color can affect the way a user behaves.

  • Have an Easy ‘Contact Us’ form

These days, it is imperative to have a simple and informative contact form. Be sure to include your contact information like an email address, phone numbers, restaurant hours, restaurant address/ addresses. One important feature you must not miss out on is to include a map of your restaurant’s location. This will help eliminate unnecessary questions on how to get there, location etc.


My friend Bobby and I decided to open up our own restaurant company while we were still in college. Things seemed easier back then – with the wind beating down on your balcony, a drink or two in the hand and of course the attitude.
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