Well Designed Restaurant Websites That Can Inspire You

As with any restaurant, the way you present your dish can make the difference between a dish being ordered more than once. That being said, there are many celebrity chefs and even amateur chefs that have managed to whip up quite the culinary masterpiece. But there are certain restaurant websites that are very well designed in communicating the taste, visual appeal and ambience of the restaurant to the viewers. If your website can make a viewer drool and want to visit your website, it’s doing it s job properly. Here are a few restaurant websites to make you want to eat there right this very minute. Along with the restaurant examples, we’ve also mentioned why they work well.

112547791__333007cThis famous chef needs no introduction and his dishes are plated so well, that your eyes feast on it long before you get the opportunity to actually have a bite. The reason why we are drooling over his website and also his food is because he always over-delivers.

Look out for:

  • The clean and simple text
  • The texted backgrounds in neutral colors that serve as a great background for the well plated dishes
  • Easy to read and well organized menu
  • The Open Table Integration

This restaurant has been ranked as one of the world’s Best 50 restaurants and that is no easy feat. It works very well as a restaurant website with an added element for these reasons:

  • The good use of positive and negative space
  • Very good photography which is always the key to a successful website
  • A grid design layout but breaking the monotony with certain visual elements
  • Seamless video integration

Taking the path least trodden, this website merges the conventional restaurant website with a blog. This seamless integration word very well in its favor and also serves to keep it unique from the multitudes of restaurant websites.
Based in NYC, they work because:

  • The use of beautiful typography
  • Great photography
  • Excellent home page integration

While many restaurants play to their strengths, this website focuses on skill and experience and it works well because:

  • Of the use of motion photography – this breaks the monotony of the standard images. Even though your images may be great, it they look similar to every other food photograph around, you’ll fail to get the attention of viewers.
  • They are not afraid of color
  • A great mobile design which creates an enjoyable experience


Terroni’s website is great for it target audience which consists of young professionals who are always in a hurry to be somewhere. Why this website works well is because they are also accessible on Twitter and other social networking sites which is great for today’s online world. The reason why Terroni’s website works well is:

  • 20100225-terroni-extIt’s clean and simple layout that is also to the point. No more navigating through confusing pages to get what you’re looking for.
  • Great Social Media Integration which makes people drool over their food photographs on various social media networks
  • Easy to read menu
  • The open Table Widget makes booking a breeze – even on mobile platforms
  • Parts and Labour

Their new website was launched in 2014 and this Toronto based restaurant shows its love for food through the following features:

  • Their large scale grid driven photographs
  • Great social media integration
  • Their reputation for serving the best burgers in Toronto


My friend Bobby and I decided to open up our own restaurant company while we were still in college. Things seemed easier back then – with the wind beating down on your balcony, a drink or two in the hand and of course the attitude.
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